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Julie Simon is a self-proclaimed advocate for a more natural lifestyle. Through her time working with and around the medical field and her study and research of nutrition, health, and wellness, she has gained valuable insight and information that she has incorporated into a business that can help others.

At 16, Julie was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkins Disease, had multiple surgeries, testing, and eight weeks of radiation. Pronounced cured 10 years following, she later in life discovered that the radiation therapy had taken its toll on her body and went through multiple surgeries replacing or removing defective body parts. When she discovered that she once again had cancer in the Spring of 2015, after several years of health problems, where she found she had several food allergies, decided to handle her cancer through natural therapies and began a relationship with the Cancer Center for Healing in Irvine, CA.

During this time of discovery, Julie began searching for ways to help others live a healthier lifestyle, and found that most people don’t have a lack of information in what is healthy and how to live that way, it has more to do with follow through. When Julie found the Health Coach Institute, and habit transformation was the foundation of change, she was convinced and received certification through the Become a Health Coach Program and went on to certify in the HMBA Program with the same institution. The Transformational Coaching Method offered by the Health Coach Institute incorporates nutrition, lifestyle coaching, and psychology through a program that provides the right system, support, and accountability, needed for clients to achieve their goals. Julie’s coaching style works to get clients from where they are to where they want to be through her 90-day Transformational Double Your Energy offering.
Specialty Offerings in the following areas are part of her trained protocols:

Weight Loss

Hormonal Imbalance


Adrenal Health

Thyroid Health


Brain & Mood Health

Emotional Eating


Heart Disease

Autoimmune Conditions

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